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T75 Cryogenic Tank Containers Delivered by CIMC Enric Pass Japan KHK Certification



Nantong CIMC Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nantong CIMC Energy"), a subsidiary of CIMC Enric, has successfully delivered the first batch of 20ft T75 cryogenic tank containers with Japan KHK certification. The tank containers will be used to store liquid food-grade carbon dioxide (such as the large amount of bubbles in Coke) needed to make and transport carbonated drinks in Japan's inland cities.

KHK certification has very high standard requirements for products, and the certification process is very complicated. Products certified by KHK can be called the "uncrowned king" in the pressure vessel industry. The full name of KHK is Japan High Pressure Gas Security Association, which is the only authorized inspection organization for high pressure gas equipments (including imported and domestic production equipments) in Japan. Only KHK-certified pressure vessels can be used in inland Japan.

It is known that the 20ft T75 tank products delivered by Nantong CIMC Energy this time have already passed the KHK certification. This is also the first time that Japan KHK performs certification and licensing to an enterprise outside Japan in the field of 20ft T75 tank container, which represents KHK's trust and recognition of CIMC Enric's products. According to the relevant person in charge of Nantong CIMC Energy, the successful delivery of the first batch of T75 tank containers provides great reference significance for the company to explore the Japanese market and develop overseas business.

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